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Innovative companies join forces with Flowcite around the world

We are delighted to work with Flowcite and its community of academic researchers. Enago is always keen to develop relationships with ground-breaking and innovative organizations such as Flowcite who are changing the way research is being carried out.


As a college student or a PhD candidate, it’s easy to get bogged down in trivia with all the citation, formatting and editing required. This is where Flowcite can come in handy. This academic writing software is designed to streamline the entire research and writing routine.


We share many common goals with Flowcite, principally, making published research more accessible and easier for students and researchers to assimilate into their own work. By partnering with Flowcite and making Scholarcy summaries – which include key findings and direct links to cited sources – available to Flowcite’s users, we believe we can help remove some of the barriers to research today.

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LaTex / rich text editor
Choose your preferred template and pre-format your paper, select and change on-the-fly from of over 7000 citation styles.
Grammar & Style checker
Make use of our AI-driven assistant integrated in our editors and plugins and reach proficiency in writing.
Printing service
Customize the binding and styling of your hard cover paper, get it printed and delivered with free express shipment.
Collaborative PDF viewer
Work together with your peers on any PDF, annotate freely, make citations and add comments.
Proofreading service
Receive professional proofreading and editing services from native-english subject experts to optimize your paper.
Integrated book store
Rent or buy from over 9 million (e)-books and directly add citations to your library.

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