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Flowcite is an all-in-one solution for students created to deliver a highly efficient and intuitive workflow for academic assignments.
We help you to search, save and organize your citations and references and make it easy for you to cite from your findings in just a few clicks directly to your academic paper, with a choice of over 7000 citation styles.
Grammar Checker
Proofreading Service
Printing & Binding

Similarity Checker
Search and cite form across the web and save any website as a reference.
Browser Plugin
Easy access to references and citations within your academic paper with automatic bibliography formatting.
(Windows Only).
MS Word Plugin
Search and cite form across the web and save any website as a reference.
Cross Platform Sync
Synchronize your search results into your personal library and your MS Word written paper.
Proofreading Service
Get your paper proofread by subject experts and receive constructive feedback and suggestions for change.
Similarity Checker
Verify academic work before the official submission so you can ensure a low plagiarism score and avoid rejection.
Printing & Binding Express Delivery
Customize, bind, and print your work all in one smooth process. Your paper will be delivered via free express shipment.
We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and we also accept PayPal.
Will I be billed if I don't cancel my beta trial before the 30-day period is over?
Absolutely not. You don't need to enter any billing information to start the beta trial. We will send you one week before the beta ends a small reminder so you still have few days to make a decision if you wish to continue with Flowcite.
What happens to my library if I don't subscribe after the trial or cancel my subscription?
You can access and export your existing library up to three months after your trial or subscription has ended. You can also choose to delete your library via your project page inside the app - just note that it can't be undone. However we allow archiving of files.
Is Flowcite equipped with the most recent citation style guides?
Within Flowcite you can choose to work with more than 7000 citation styles. One click and your citations are correctly inserted into your paper and formatted in the style you need.
Do I have to pay for each add-on service?
All add-on services are on demand. This being said you will find the prices for each of the services (similarity checker, proofreading service or the binding and printing service) inside the app within each service page. These services are smoothly integrated into your standard workflow so it is simple and easy for you to use them without having to spend time searching for tools left and right.
Do you sell my personal data?
No. Flowcite keeps your information safe and encrypted. No-one will ever see your references or personal data, nor what service you have booked when.
What payment types do you accept?
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