Flowcite v.1.3 Release: Improved Search Algorithm and Brand New App Design

Say hello to a better user experience! Flowcite v.1.3 update, which is now available on Windows and iOS, has undergone significant interface redesign and functionality improvement to help you search, write, edit, and publish more productively!

Improved Search Functionality
This update has been largely focused on upgrading search engine functionality to make finding relevant sources faster and more intuitive for our users. We’ve reworked our algorithm to make semantic search more accurate. The increased quality of the search results will let you navigate over 250 million Open Access articles in Flowcite database faster and more effectively. 

We’ve also implemented a cross-repository search for our knowledge library, so you no longer need to switch between CORE, eLife, doaj, and other databases within Flowcite. From now on sources found in all integrated repositories are featured as one list. This is a small but very significant improvement allowing you to sort papers from different repositories by their relevance. Due to improved caching logic, the search results also appear faster than before.

Upgraded LaTeX Editor
Journal  templates from SENSE and American Political Science Rankings are now available within our template collection for the LATEX editor. They include ACM Journals Primary Article, ACM Generic Journal Manuscript Template, IEEE Conference Template, and many more. The list of the templates will be expanded regularly. You can start creating your manuscript in a certain template or apply one when the manuscript is ready. 

From now on you can also add references, notes, and markdowns to your LaTeX document straight from the editor’s panel. Notes, references, and markdowns, added by your collaborators will be automatically synchronized and available in the “Reference manager” section of the Editor.

Easier File Upload
We’ve added automated DOI checks for document upload  to guarantee correct metadata entry. For our PRO users we also offer automated metadata filling even for bulk file upload. 

Drag and Drop Image and file upload is also now enabled  for Editor and Project Library. You can now add images or graphs to your manuscripts or references in just a few seconds.

Interface Improvements
Beside updating our regular interface fonts and colors, we’ve unified our on-demand service pages design. The new design makes ordering Summarizer, Proofreading, and Printing services easier with all the steps of the process pinned at the top and your order history placed on the right. 
Navigation Tips
For our new users we’ve added interactive guided tooltips to make your first steps within the app even easier. 
Recycle Bin
We’ve also added a Recycle Bin for all types of content, such as citations, references, manuscripts, or even whole projects, to enable restoring deleted content.
Firefox Compatibility
Flowcite Browser Plugin is now available on Firefox. With the Flowcite extension activated on your browser, you can simply highlight the relevant text, and a reference will be identified and metadata automatically collected. You can easily edit this data if necessary. Click here to download your Flowcite Firefox plugin. For Chrome users our plugin remains available in the Chrome web store.
Feedback Process Made Easier
To make it easier for you to report the issues we’ve added a Usersnap plugin allowing you to make a screenshot or screencast of any issue you face and share it with us immediately. Here’s how it’s done: 
Bring a Friend –  Get 20 Credits Free!

We are now able to reward all the users for bringing their friends or colleagues to Flowcite. Any user generating a Flowcite account after March 15th will automatically receive a referral link to their Email. When sharing this link with a friend, you will get 20 free Flowcite credits for successful referral signup. These credits can be used to generate up to four paper summaries in our  AI-article summarizer or to order proofreading services. You can as well use credits to upgrade your account to PRO with a storage volume of 30 GB, the ability to add 10 collaborators, and an unlimited amount of projects, tabs, and search queries to create.

If you are reading this, and still don’t have a Flowcite account, sign up here and try our all-in-one academic writing manager for free:

With all the updates listed above, we’re working to make the academic research workflow even more advanced over the next sprints with help of our community. Please feel free to report any issues or suggest improvements at support@flowcite.com  or tag us on our Twitter.

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