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Knowledge Libraries

Search and cite across multiple repositories such as Plos, Core, elife, doaj. Database is constantly adjusted with new sources and offers more than 20 million articles from among TOP universities worldwide.

AI Search Recommendations

Search relevant articles with a wide range of process search parameters such as publication type, author, repositories, publication date, ISBN number. Search across more than 20 different languages and receive AI-driven recommendations tailored to your search needs.

Cross-platform synchronisation

All citations and references are stored within your personal library and synchronize automatically and in real time with your MS-Word plugin.

Browser Plugin

Use the web as an important source of referencing. With a few clicks, chosen citations including the metadata are saved and simply added to your personal library.

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MS Word Plugin

Easily access citations and references from your personal library and add them into a MS Word paper. Choose from more than 7000 citation styles and cite seamlessly by inserting your citations with just a click. (Windows Only)

AI Grammar Check

Improve your academic English while writing and gain confidence to complete your paper successfully. Receive on-the-fly AI-driven suggestions about style, grammar and punctuation to improve as you go.

Integrated Multi-Tab structure

With the smart multi-functional tab structure, Flowcite allows you to research, read, save, and work all at the same time. Flowcite is designed so you can structure your thoughts and processes into an intuitive workflow without interrupting the important focus: Getting your work done.

Unlimited Storage

Save unlimited amounts of citations, references and PDFs into your personal library. Grow your academic research without any constraints.

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Let your feedback impact the academic work of tomorrow and start experiencing the difference yourself.


Service on demand that makes the difference

Proofreading Service

Get your paper proofread by subject experts and receive constructive feedback and suggestions for change.

Similarity Checker

Verify academic work before the official submission so you can ensure a low plagiarism score and avoid rejection.

Printing – Binding – Express Delivery

Customize, bind, and print your work all in one smooth process. Your paper will be delivered via free express shipment.

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