Common Questions


What is Flowcite?

Flowcite is an integrated academic research and writing platform that brings together all the information, resources, and technical formatting tools needed to prepare an academic paper.By connecting the most innovative software for collaborative research, writing, and publishing into one intuitive interface, Flowcite offers a new ‘all-in-one’ approach to academic research and writing. Using Flowcite to optimize routine administrative and formatting tasks can save up to 80% of researchers’ time spent on non-writing activities and let them focus more on actual research.

Who is Flowcite created for?

Flowcite is created for everyone who wants to reduce the time they spend on reference management, collaboration, formatting, and publication when doing academic research.  We support researchers of any level – from students to Ph.D. graduates – at the front line of scientific discovery by helping them focus solely on research.

What features does it include?

Flowcite functionality consists of the following services:

Smart data search from across 60 million full-text open access scientific papers 

AI-driven personalized search recommendations 

Browser plugin for web source referencing

30 GB Personal Library storage for references and citations 

Collaborative custom PDF viewer with commenting and highlighting tools

Writing extension with over 7,000 citation styles for inserting saved references and citations into Microsoft Word documents 

AI-driven grammar, style, and spell checker with educational snippets for on-the-fly learning and text optimization

Similarity checking service

Proofreading Service with professional proofreaders’ support

Printing service with free worldwide express delivery 

A dashboard with statistic tools for efficient progress and time management

How can Flowcite help me work smarter?

Flowcite allows you to research, read, save, and work simultaneously, without switching between online-libraries, referencing, style-checking, and other writing apps.


Our platform has a multi-functional tab structure that lets you search for different queries at the same time while using less memory on your computer than multiple browser tabs opened at the same time. 

Flowcite’s AI-driven search recommends the best sources for your project based on your recent search activity. Our statistic tools integrated into the dashboard help you track your daily, weekly, and monthly activity and efficiently manage your time.

How can Flowcite help me increase my academic performance?

Flowcite takes all the stressful non-writing issues surrounding academic papers out of your mind. With Flowcite, you won’t need to waste your time looking for an application’s functionality or a special feature within a tool. This will let you focus more on actually writing, and therefore increase the quality of your research.

Which browsers / operating systems can I use Flowcite with?


Flowcite’s browser application is available on any browser and operating system. Our built-in browser plugin is now available on Google Chrome. Our word plugin is currently available on Windows only; however, the macOS version of the Word plugin is coming soon.

What languages does Flowcite support?

Flowcite currently supports the English language only, but our library includes sources in many different languages: to find a reference in any specific language, press “refine search” in the search box, and choose the language you need.

First Steps

How do I sign in?

To create a Flowcite account, press the “Get your free start” button on our homepage and type in your email. You will receive a welcome email with further instructions after that.

I can't sign in / haven't received a welcome email, what should I do?

If you haven’t received a welcome email within 2 hours after signing up, please check your email’s spam folder. If you’re sure that the email didn’t land in spam, please contact us via the contact form or messenger on our website, or leave a DM on our Facebook page and let us know your email address and the browser / operating system that you used.

I forgot login / password from my account, how can I recover them?

To recover your login or password, please contact us via the contact form or messenger on the website, or leave a DM on our Facebook page, and we will tackle your problem directly.

Can I import my library to Flowcite from other sources like Endnote, Mendeley, etc.?

Currently, only Mendeley imports are possible. We will add imports from other referencing software very soon.

How do I create a project?

To start a new project in Flowcite, go to the Library and press “Add new project.” You can create a project from scratch or import an existing one. You can always review and edit your projects from the Library.

How do I export / import a project?

You can export your Flowcite projects in BibTeX format. The export feature is located on the Flowcite Library page, using the “Export” button at the top of the page. By clicking on the button, a popup modal will open and allow you to export your project.

Using the import feature, users can import Flowcite exported projects as well as other platforms’ BibTex format documents. After importing the BibTex document, all supported resources and projects, references, citations, and notes will be available.

Can I create / join a team project?

You can add new members to your project by clicking the “Collaborator” section. To add new participants, insert their email address, and choose admission type: admin, editor, or reader.

Flowcite’s search is customized for students: it gives you access to more than 20 million research papers from the most credible resources, such as the Public Library of Science, Core Library, eLife, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), and other repositories. Additionally, the search on Flowcite is based on AI, which means it suggests the most relevant material based on your research topic.

Citing/ Referencing

How do I add a book reference?

There are currently two ways to add a book reference to your project: you can find the book in our catalog and save the reference from there, or you can find it elsewhere online and save the reference with our Google Chrome browser plugin.


When adding a reference from your browser, you will be asked to manually insert some of the data like the title, author, or date of issue. After you save the reference from your browser, it will be available in your project space, and you can edit the metadata at any time.

How do I save citations or references from online sources?

To cite online sources or save references from the web, use the Flowcite browser plugin. Currently, the browser plugin is only available for Google Chrome. To use the plugin, open the Flowcite app in your Google Chrome browser, download the Browser Plugin from the Dashboard, press the Flowcite extension icon next to the search bar, and sign in with your Flowcite email and password. Find papers or websites in your browser, and press the Flowcite extension icon to save the reference or citation to your project.  

When adding references from your browser, you will be asked to insert some of the data like the title, author, or date of issue manually. After you save the reference from your browser, it will be available in your project space, and you can always edit the metadata.

How do I add citations or references from my Flowcite project into the Word paper?

To add citations or references from your Flowcite into a Microsoft Word paper, install our Word plugin (temporary available on Windows only). Download the MS Word plugin from the Dashboard and install it on your computer, following the instructions as you go. Then use the Flowcite extension icon in your MS Word window to export citations and references and adjust them to one of more than 7,000 citation styles.

Similarity check

What is a Similarity checker?

Text similarity detection allows you to ensure your paper is original and free of plagiarism. Running your writing through a text similarity detection tool is crucial to protect your reputation and maintain academic integrity.

A similarity checker analyses your text for similarities by comparing your document with external sources. Flowcite provides an embedded similarity detection solution powered by Unicheck. This tool compares your paper to billions of unique web pages in real-time.


How to work with the Similarity Report?

Our comprehensive Similarity Report delivers a smooth and seamless experience:

– Similarity Score indicates the percentage of overall text matches in your document.

– Each text match has a clickable source so that you can compare your text with the source.

– If necessary, you can manually exclude some sources that are marked as a match, e.g. citations or other sources that can be quickly excluded.

– Detects citations in various citation styles – MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago. Unicheck’s report highlights citations and references in your document to help you with proper citation formatting.


How much do I have to pay to check my document for plagiarism?

Your final cost will depend on the total word count and the total amount of pages in the document you have checked for plagiarism. One page is 275 words.

You can add your billing information by clicking on the “Pay Now” button in “Pending Order” next to your document. Additionally, you can see the amount due in the Total Amount section.

Printing and Binding

How long does the printing and binding of a thesis take?

We are using the newest printing technology to deliver the fastest production timeline for your thesis. Make sure you order before the countdown above has run out if you want your thesis to be produced on the same day. We produce and deliver within 24-72 hours, depending on your location, with free delivery.

What are the printing and binding costs?

Of course, the price is crucial when printing and binding your thesis. The price depends on your configuration, i. e. what binding you choose, how many pieces you order, or whether you want extensions to your binding such as book corners or a ribbon. It is also relevant how many pages you want to be printed and bound in your thesis.

For example, do you want to print your thesis with 20 pages and bind it with the premium leather binding with additional embossing? The calculated price is $64,80. This is 45% less in comparison to other market prices! Plus, with BachelorPrint, your order is delivered for free!

We use 100 g/m2 premium-paper as standard for printing and set the same price for color and black/white printing.


Which binding is right for your thesis depends on the importance of the printed work. A Bachelor’s thesis or Master’s thesis is very important and should be bound in a premium binding like leather binding. If you want to hand in your thesis with an application or need it for storage reasons only, a thermal binding or spiral binding should be sufficient.

Which Paper for printing and binding a thesis?

Most printing services use 80g/m2-paper for printing and binding a thesis, but this paper is relatively thin and might be see-through if you decide to print your thesis double-sided.

We recommend a 100 g/m2-paper that not only looks more valuable but also feels this way. With BachelorPrint, this is the standard paper for printing a thesis, and there are no additional costs for it. We also offer printing with 120 g/m2-paper.

If you want to know more about choosing the right paper for your thesis, follow this link to our article: Which paper for thesis printing & binding? BachelorPrint, as an online printing service, offers you several advantages like:

Production of your thesis within one day. Order before the countdown above has run out and we deliver the next day (depending on your location.)

FREE delivery.

No minimum order value.

3D live preview in the BachelorPrint online shop.

Individual embossing with your university logo.

FREE “Type-of-work”-embossing (e. g. Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, Dissertation etc.)

High-quality bindings.

FREE 100 g/m2 premium branded paper.


What is proofreading?

Proofreading is the process of reviewing and correcting the final draft of written content to ensure consistency and accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting. While it requires a nuanced understanding of the English language, it differs from editing, which seeks to improve the overall quality of writing by enhancing flow, readability, and structure. Our partners Scribendi have a team of expert proofreaders who will correct errors, no matter how big or small.

How will my paper be proofread? What standards will it be held to?

We are using Scribendi for our proofreading services. Their proofreaders will correct errors, no matter how big or small, to ensure your writing communicates your ideas clearly and correctly. They have over 400 editors worldwide, their global reach is extensive, and they have experts in every major field.

How much do I have to pay for my document to be proofread?

The payment will depend on the word count and the turnaround time for the document. You can add card info by clicking on the “Pay Now” button in “Order History” beside your document. Also, you can see the amount you have to pay in the “Total Amount” section.

Help and subscription

I want to test the new features first. What should I do to get access to the new features?

I have an idea about product development. Whom should I contact?

Your opinion is very important to us! If you have any ideas on how we can improve Flowcite, please leave a message on our website or any of our social media accounts, and we’ll get in touch with you.

I don't want to receive your emails anymore. How can I unsubscribe?

To cancel your subscription, press the “Manage your subscription” button at the bottom of the email. If that doesn’t work, contact our support on our website or social media.

How much should I pay after the trial is over?

Our primary features like Information Search and Reference Management will always stay free, as we want to provide easy access to knowledge for everyone. A fee will be charged for the add-on services, which will be priced separately based on demand.

This being said, you will find the prices for each of the services (similarity checker, proofreading service, or the binding and printing service) inside the app within each service page. These services are integrated into your standard workflow, so it is simple and easy for you to use them without having to spend time searching for tools.


Is Flowcite sharing my data with third parties?

No. Flowcite keeps your information safe and encrypted. No one will ever see your references or personal data, nor what service you have booked when.

My projects are private and personal. Will they remain confidential?

Your Flowcite projects are never stored online and are only available to you and any teammates you add to your project. Please be assured that we never sell or trade your personal information.

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