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We love to share great things. That’s why we created Flowcite. If you celebrate our product, as we do, share Flowcite and get rewarded with 5% off any in-app purchase as soon your friends subscribe.

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We made it easy for you to share! Just fill in your name and your email and create your personal referral code. Send it to your friends and help them safe 10% on any Flowcite subscription plan.

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Flowcite Referral-Rewards Program

If your friends or student colleagues decide to purchase a subscription plan using your personal invite code, Flowcite will thank you with a 10% discount you may use for any in app services during your subscription

In-app services are

  • Similarity Checker
  • Proofreading Service
  • Binding and Printing Service incl. free express delivery

We will make sure our portfolio will expand continuously with further services so we cover all the tools you need to perform

We will notify you about your successful invitations via email so you always know about your discount allowances. The more subscribers you attract the higher your discount accrues (max. 10%) for every possible in-app service of your choice.

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