Flowcite is more than a place to write papers. We created a knowledge management system that brings together all the information, resources, and technical formatting you need in order to prepare an academic paper.

With Flowcite, you'll get organized, work smarter, waste less paper, and be able to keep your facts straight so you can produce a better, more thoughtful paper faster. We designed the process to be less daunting, more fun; less time-consuming, more gratifying; and less tedious so your experience can be more enriching.

Why Flowcite?
Our Story
Flowcite stands for ease of use when working in an academic context. Being the brainchild of two former university students who had a vision to radically simplify the process of academic paper writing for all students, Flowcite has since developed to become a place of mutual sharing and exploring in conjunction with the best tools in place.
Our Vision
Our vision is to support the active and conscious application of knowledge to create a more sustainable world, making the pursuit and discovery of knowledge fun and motivating.
Our Mission
We assist students to achieve academic success by providing intuitive tools for academic research and writing on the world's most user-centric and solutions-oriented platform.
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Our Values
Open to change the narrative
Conscious decision-making
Facts matter
We work better together
Grow with integrity
Thinking outside the box
Flowcite's DNA
Easy. Intuitive. Efficient.
Flowcite is designed as an all-in-one platform to assist you with your academic work. We help you to search, save and organize your citations and references and make it easy for you to cite from your findings in just a few clicks directly to your academic paper, with a choice of over 7000 citation styles. All processes are streamlined and interact in real-time between each other.

Not to mention our services on-demand as the Similarity Checker, Grammar Checker, Proofreading Service and the Printing- Binding-Express Delivery Service. We have taken the last stressful bits of your mind. Now you can save your energy and your brainpower and focus on things that matter to you in order to obtain the excellent results that make you succeed and thrive as a student and graduate.

Built to save you time
We have created the Flowcite UI from a user perspective and thought long hours on how to achieve a high level of productivity while keeping total action options and menus simple.

Gone are the times when you were wasting time looking for the right functionality of an application or the special segment within a tool, with Flowcite you have everything you need at the tip of your fingers.

When it is crucial to be able to jump in and out of your work and to run multiple processes at the same time, you will find how useful our multi-tab structure truly is.

It's like having a personal assistant working with you
From the very start, the Flowcite platform helps you keep track of what you are doing. You can see at a glance what articles you have downloaded, which ones you have cited from, how much time you have spent on them each day – all on the same interactive dashboard.

Flowcite does the formatting of citations and referencing for you so you don't have to copy and paste and worry about missing some critical marks of punctuation. This devil-is-in-the-details type of automated assistance is designed to take a big load of stress off your shoulders.
Use strong data to your advantage so you can make conscious decisions
At Flowcite, we believe that facts matter, science matters, research matters. The power of the human mind to absorb information and synthesize, understand, design, and develop is how our civilizations have advanced over time.

The simple act of writing a paper may not seem like much, but it's a valuable practice for developing your brainpower. Your higher education experience is the only place where you are challenged in this way.

And since only a small fraction of the global population goes to college, you are part of a select global community. That makes this practice so much more important.

We want to make a difference by true action and real contribution
We in Flowcite care about our ecosystem, climate and research. Every process in our app is digitized so you don't have to print anything until the actual submission of your work. Previewing your work online is easy, and you can send your digitized paper out to experts to be reviewed.

You only need to print when your paper is completely finished and we can help you do that in an eco-friendly way. As you use less paper, we all save more trees especially when imagining that 20 cases of paper from your local box store represents slightly more than the output of 107,000 sheets produced from a tree.
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