Generate and manage citations seamlessly with Flowcite

Make your referencing consistent and perfectly formatted with our automated reference and citation generator. Save citations from your Flowcite Library or from the Web with our Browser Plugin. Access saved citations from your Personal Library to use in Flowcite or in Word, and use tagging and notes to categorise and share saved citations within each Project.

MS Word extension supporting over 7000 citation styles

With our MS Word 2016+ extension you can access your saved citations and references from your Flowcite Projects and import them into your Word paper in one click. This allows you to use Flowcite’s easy to use citation software without leaving Word. Simply open the Flowcite Word toolbar to see and use your saved citations and references.

This extension works as a bibliography and citation generator. Customised bibliographies are automatically created in over 7000 citation styles from simply inserting citations into your paper. Allow Flowcite to save you time on tedious referencing and formatting.

The citation generator can create instant citations from metadata in all styles, including APA citation, MLA citation, Chicago citation, and IEEE citation. You don’t have to spend hours over getting your citations correct as our software does it for you.

Word 2016+ extension

How to add a reference in Word: You can add all kinds of references into your Word document using Flowcite. Use our Browser Plugin to add references from the web and cite online sources, and save references instantly from the Flowcite article library. To add citations or references from your Flowcite Projects into a MS Word paper, download the Word Plugin from the dashboard and install it on your computer following easy instructions. From there, the Flowcite extension icon will be available in your MS Word window to use. Export citations and references and adjust them to one of over 7000 referencing styles.

How to insert citation and add bibliography in Word: Inserting citations and creating a bibliography couldn’t be easier. Simply select the references or citations that you want to add to your paper from the sidebar, and click ‘Add Items’. These will be added to your text and to the bibliography at the end of the document in one process.

How to insert citation and add bibliography in Word

Inserting citations and creating a bibliography couldn’t be easier. Simply select the references or citations that you want to add to your paper from the sidebar, and click ‘Add Items’. These will be added to your text and to the bibliography at the end of the document in one process.

Advantages of Flowcite MS Word Plugin

Using the MS Word Plugin has great advantages to writing your paper in Word. You no longer need to worry about constantly ensuring citations are correct or adjusting your bibliography. The Plugin software automatically adjusts your bibliography to any changes made in citations throughout your paper, so you can focus on the writing.

Flowcite uses an integrated market leading advanced grammar, style, and spell checker to support your writing focus further. You can activate this tool through the Flowcite Writing Extension’s Grammar and Style section to receive on-the-go tips and suggestions to improve your writing quality and style. You can control and choose the suggestions to make your paper sound more professional. This tool also allows you to learn as you edit with educational snippets and a comprehensive library of suggestions to optimise your text.

Save hundreds of hours of editing and formatting by using Flowcite’s intuitive platform. Designed to take the technical work out of academic writing, our platform improves productivity and helps drive research further.

Rely on the practical features of citation manager

To make it easier for you to integrate citations into your work, the Flowcite citation manager is available. Our citation manager allows you to generate citations with minimal time and eventually incorporate them into your work. Furthermore, you can save and manage citations first, if required. You can use our bibliography generator to select citations from the Flowcite library or search for them in the browser – our browser plugin is available for the latter.

Categorize your quotes with notes

If you have multiple quotes saved, it is hard to keep track of them. Our citation manager offers you important functions for this: You can categorize saved quotes using notes and tagging. The application also allows you to share citations within a project and incorporate them into your work in a time-saving manner.

Create quotes in all styles

Our citation manager makes it easy for you to create all citations correctly – no matter the style. To do this, the manager accesses metadata and creates citations in APA, MLA, and Chicago styles. The creation of IEEE citations is also possible with the help of the manager effortlessly. The automatic creation allows you to save a significant amount of time also ensuring you do not have to go through the hassle of correcting citations: This correction is already being done by the software. You only need to check them in a final check. Our citation manager can edit and provide user-defined bibliographies in more than 7000 different citation styles within a short time. All you must do afterwards is insert the quotes in the right place.

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