Scientific research projects: Organise, collaborate and synchronise your workflow seamlessly with your PDF library

Flowcite’s intuitive interface and broad scope of organisation tools, from literature management to group contribution stats, provide multiple possibilities for you to streamline your workflow.

Enhanced productivity with tab structure for simultaneous multi-tasking

Our advanced tab structure and smooth software allows you to work across multiple pages without affecting processing speed.

You can work on up to 30 tabs in parallel on Flowcite’s interface, similar to the format of web browsers. This enables you to work across various pages and processes without the clunkiness of switching between applications. You can move between pieces of work and organise pages easily with our seamless dashboard controls.
Important tabs can be left open and will stay open on your Flowcite account even if your laptop fails you. You will never have to worry about losing a web page or piece of work again as Flowcite runs all your work in one place. All of your tabs are synchronised in real-time across all your devices, so you can easily pick up where you left off.

Use your PDF library manager to create public and private research projects

Create new public or private Projects from your Personal Library with one click, assign them a name and category, and use colour coding to navigate more efficiently between them.

To share a Project with colleagues and start collaborating, simply go to your Project Library to edit a Project and its functions. 3-10 colleagues can work together more efficiently than ever before with real-time Project synchronisation and sharing features.

You maintain control over the Project by selecting participants’ roles and permission types. When sending a Project invitation, you can choose who will be Admin, Editor, or Reader. This feature allows you to preserve Project roles and enhance work focus in collaboration groups.

Keep track of all your Project articles and resources in your PDF Literature Library. Name, categorise, and colour code documents so you can flow seamlessly between your research. Project participants can easily search your library and collaborate on sources by commenting, highlighting, and annotating for easier reference management.

Import your library collection from existing reference management softwares.

Upload a single document or a bulk selection from any reference manager including Overleaf, Mendeley, and Readcube. You can Import any documents in BibTex format into your Library and also Export projects off the platform.

After Importing your documents, Flowcite’s PDF metadata extractor will automatically identify and log the full data of your import collection, and all supported resources, projects, references, and notes will be ready to use. This feature allows users to fully optimise their projects by gathering all their sources intoonto one, easy, platform

Free Storage

There is a wide range of what can be stored in your Flowcite Library, too. Up to 30GB storage is available for our users. That’s the equivalent of over roughly 63000 Office documents, or 13000 e-books!

All users get 3GB free storage space, which is more than enough to complete some small projects. But for those who write papers frequently, there is the option for premium users to buy more storage. An additional 20GB can be purchased, and more as needed.

Synchonisation across devices

Your Flowcite Library is your one-stop shop for all your documents and resources.

Sync your entire library including files, notes, lists, annotations, and highlights, across all your devices and work on your projects at any time, wherever you are.

Syncronise your web research with the Flowcite Browser Extension. Simple to use, this extension can capture reference metadata from sites such as Wikipedia and Encyclopaedia Britannica in one click to bring articles and sources from the web into your Flowcite Projects.

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