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At Flowcite, we are dedicated to making academic research and scientific collaboration stress free by optimising all aspects of paper writing in one easy to use space. Our platform provides the most high quality and market driven tools to help you produce your best paper.

LaTeX editor supporting collaborative writing

For group projects, our integrated LaTeX and CK Editor software is an ideal tool. This easy to use, online, research collaborator was designed to make the writing process much quicker and easier and is used by over six million students and academics across the globe.

Super powerful features

These writing software allows real-time track changes for collaborative projects, so that all contributors can stay up to date with the paper’s progress. Changes from all authors are automatically synchronised so that everyone has the latest version. Contributors can also comment and use the integrated chat in real-time so you don’t have to have discussions over email. You can quickly resolve issues and give feedback within LaTeX.

LaTeX provides a full document history of all changes showing exactly who edited what, allowing you to track the progress of the paper and review recent changes. This feature also enables you to revert mistakes and eliminates the risk of lost work.

Collaborative writing is made easy with LaTeX. With only one master version of your document, all authors are always up to date and it is impossible to make changes that everyone else doesn’t agree with, and you don’t have to contend with multiple drafts. Up to 10 collaborators can work simultaneously on the same document, and can see each other’s edits as they happen.

Thousands of templates from leading journals

Begin your project with LaTeX research paper templates. Save time formatting your paper by using one of the thousands of professional writing templates including CV, thesis, bibliography, and book formatting, as well as journal article formatting for a range of top academic journals. This is essential if you are submitting your paper to a journal as you can ensure your formatting is consistent with their guidelines.

Integrated grammar checker by ProWritingAid

Maintain your writing flow with on-the-fly style and grammar recommendations and spelling corrections from ProWritingAid. This program uses AI to offer high quality writing checks and reports on your strengths and weaknesses to ensure your writing is consistent and professional down to every word.
This is an essential tool for pre-submission as it eliminates any human error when proofreading so you don’t get caught out by simple mistakes during peer-review. You decide the ultimate changes, but ProWritingAid facilitates your editing and revision. More than a simple grammar checker, it acts as a helping hand throughout your writing so you can rectify any slip-ups on the go, and take note of weaknesses to focus on going forward.

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