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When writing out your research, your focus is expressing and presenting your ideas and findings in the most engaging way. Technical and formatting errors often get missed in the writing process, and unintended plagiarism can equally impact the credibility of your work. This is where our expert academic proofreaders and similarity checkers come in. Through integrated proofreading services by Scribendi and Enago, and thorough similarity checks by by Oxsico, we enable you to get stuck intoin to the most important part of the writing process: your research.

Integrated market leading similarity checker with similarity score by Oxsico

Plagiarism can often occur unintentionally during the writing process. It’s easy to forget to cite a source here and there, and even your own arguments can flag up on plagiarism checkers if the phrases used are simply too similar to someone else’s. These aren’t often checks you can do yourself.
In order to help you fully authenticate your work, Flowcite’s Similarity Checker will provide a comprehensive Similarity Report in minutes. The Similarity Report includes:

  • A Similarity Score that indicates the overall percentage of text matches in your document.
  • Matched sources that you can manually exclude from the report, e.g. citations.
  • Detected citations in all citation styles – MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, to allow you to review your citation formatting.

The report is interactive to allow you to make your own modifications and achieve full authenticity in your work.

Real time collaboration in your PDF viewer for any research article

To ensure your paper is entirely error-free before it is officially submitted, Flowcite uses Scribendi’s global reach of 400 expert editors, as well as our own, to review and correct your work. At this crucial final stage of your paper, Flowcite’s proofreading service will carry out thorough reviews of your writing to ensure consistency and accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting.

For a flawless final finish to your manuscript, Flowcite offers a Manuscript Formatting Service and Artwork Editing by Enago. This will fine-tune your text, figures, tables, and references in accordance to the author guidelines of your desired journal/academic platform. We work with journal specialists to fix every flaw, down to heading style, font, and line spacing, to ensure your paper is ready for submission. If your paper includes artwork or images, experienced artwork editors will use the most up-to-date software to review and correct technical aspects of your artwork to adhere to journal guidelines, including resolution, color, image and file.

LaTeX editor supporting collaborative writing

Flowcite is here to help you even after the completion of your paper. We provide a tailored Revised/Rejected Paper Editing service to support you through the revision and resubmission process. Whether you decide to resubmit to the same journal, or submit to a different journal, we will help you revise your paper through the following processes:

  • Two subject specialists will substantively edit your paper to ensure its flow and presentation is to the highest standard
  • Peer-reviewers’ comments will be addressed in detail and extensive revisions and/or rewriting will be completed in line with reviewer expectations
  • Your text and references will be reformatted if necessary in adherence to journal guidelines
  • We’ll write a tailored cover letter to convey the importance of your research

Throughout this process, you will have control over the aspects of your paper you want revised. We are here to support you until you get published.

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