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If you want your paper to stand out in the submission process and get accepted by top journals, our pre-submission review services can make sure your paper meets and exceeds requirements. Our team of experts can peer review your paper before it gets seen by journals, we can write an engaging abstract, and even conduct a statistical review to ensure your findings are accurate and presented clearly.

Integrated pre-submission peer review service by Enago

Don’t wait months for peer review feedback from journals, our premium paper review services by Enago will provide a professional, subject specific review of your paper within a week. Our subject experts have experience with reviewing manuscripts for top international journals such as Science, Cell, and PNAS, and will ensure your research stands out by evaluating each aspect and providing a comprehensive report, as well as a detailed check for journal compatibility to rule out your chances of rejection.

The review report will provide you with extensive reviewer critique and comments on your manuscript. Each research aspect will be scrutinised, such as the potential impact on the field, how you report your method, study design, and sufficiency of data analysis. Enago’s peer review process is in line with the standards of top journals, enabling you to get your paper to its highest standard before official submission.

Integrated Abstract Writing Service by Enago

As the first insight journal reviewers get into your paper, your abstract must be engaging and present the importance of your paper. Summarising the extent and detail of your research into a few hundred words and conveying the significance of your findings can be challenging. That’s why we have integrated a service to help you with this crucial part of paper preparation.

Our Abstract Writing Service by Enago can give journals the best first impression of your paper that covers all required areas succinctly. Our team has expertise in top tier journals and can condense your manuscript while presenting all key information and impacts in a logical and easy to read format. The abstract will cover:

  • Purpose and need for the research
  • Significance of the research within the field
  • Study design
  • Methodology and techniques used
  • Key findings

Our experts will create a powerful abstract that emphasises the main ideas and key findings of your paper so that its impact is crystal clear and your chances of acceptance are higher.

Integrated statistical review: statistical analysis, verification and recommendation by Enago

Accuracy and clarity are key to any presentation of research data. Transforming your data into clear and accessible results to a high standard for your paper can drastically improve the readability and professionalism of your research. Our Statistical Review service powered by Enago will verify your work using statistical methods and analysis. Your research findings and methodology will be assessed and validated and quantified, so you don’t have to worry about any inaccuracies or slip ups. Whatever difficulties you are having with your data, whether it’s how to evaluate it or providing succinct explanations, our service can support you.

Our most popular service we offer is Statistical Analysis, which provides data verification and also supplementary charts, tables, and graphs so your data is presented in a clean and credible way for publication. Good organisation contributes to the credibility of your research, thereby improving its value and likelihood of recognition.

We can also assist with the presentation of your research with our Graphical Abstract Service powered by Enago. Some journals require a short graphical abstract as part of their submission process, which can be a difficult task without the right help. The team of graphical abstract creators can create a highly engaging, attractive, and easy to understand visual representation of your work in line with your specific requirements and journal guidelines.

We offer two levels of service: Complete Graphical Illustrate, and Smart Graphical Illustrate. For the Complete service, all we need is your manuscript and the target journal. From there, our highly skilled expert will form a synopsis and turn your paper’s key findings and results and create a high quality, attractive, and informative product. The Smart service gives you more control. You provide us with your plan for the graphical abstract, and our team will use our high end softwares such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw to create a compelling illustration of your findings.

You maintain control throughout the process so that we can create as accurate and impactful a presentation as possible. Promoting your paper after publication is just as important to build its impact. There are various events you can showcase your research at such as conference, exhibitions, or university seminars. For any event, you want to present your research in a visually appealing way that will engage your audiences.

Our integrated Post Preparation and Video Development by Enago will transform your research into graphic posters and videos to make an impact at your next research event. Our expert team of designers and content specialists will make your paper more successful with Poster Preparation with our top quality posters perfect for early-career researchers promoting their work, university department open days and knowledge exchange, and pharmaceutical companies wanting to promote the release of a product or device at a conference/meeting. Whatever your needs, posters are a way to communicate your research easily to others through visual appeal.

To get audiences engaging with your work even more, our Video Development Services will turn your research into a compelling and immersive narrative. Your 2-3 minute video will be perfect to share at conferences and other research events, as well as on social media, expanding the reach of your research to wider audiences.

Our team of subject experts, professional animators, voice recorders, and editors, will create your video using HD animations and subtitles to outline each procedure of your research, your findings, and results in a logical format. We include a soundtrack including appropriate background music and voiceover to explain the content and focus viewers.

In addition, your video will be promoted on Enago Academy and their social media channels. We want to extend the reach of your research as much as possible so it can have the impact it deserves.

Our plagiarism prevention service from Oxsico provides the most effective and state-of-the-art document similarity checking for clients worldwide. In addition to similarity score, we analyze and provide scores for paraphrasing, correct quotations, improper quotations, and issues such as cheating-detection. Our technology is capable of identifying picture-based documents and extracting text from it prior to verification.

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