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How to Cite Harvard Style : a Complete Guide from Flowcite

To quote Saul Bass, an American graphic designer and Oscar-winning filmmaker, “To engage in downright plagiarism is disappointing. It’s cynical, opportunistic and hypocritical.” When people think of theft, what usually comes to mind is the act of taking an object

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How to Cite AMA Style : a Complete Guide from Flowcite

Most people new to research writing have a common bad experience; they finish their paper, just to find that it has to go through some fine-toothed editing to make sure it’s meeting the requirement of your citation style. Although using

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How to Cite APA Style: a Complete Guide from Flowcite

Improper citing in academic papers can lead to accusations of plagiarism, a lower grade, sanctions from an organisation or institution, and even the loss of one’s reputation as an academic researcher. Therefore, to protect you, your work, and your credibility,

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