An academic paper from start to finish with Flowcite

You’ve finally found the perfect topic for your next academic paper. Hours of brainstorming and countless cups of coffee have brought you to this point of excitement. Yet there’s a moment of dread as you realize what this means: it’s time to search through countless browser tabs, your computer folders, and the books on the shelf to find the perfect sources to support your argument.

Then you remember what a headache formatting is, and you begin to wonder if you can’t just put off starting on this new paper for a few more weeks. This is where we at Flowcite come in. From this brilliant idea to the next, we are here to help you take your academic paper from start to finish.

Gathering Your Resources

During the initial phase of brainstorming your academic paper, you likely found yourself filled with ideas and creativity. When it comes time to sit down and gather sources, however, it’s very easy for that energy to be sapped and boredom left behind in its place. After multiple years of writing research papers and gathering knowledge, many of your most frequently used sources are scattered across the web and your personal library.

Flowcite’s smart data search scours over 20 million open access articles. Our search engine learns from your previous searches, making subsequent searches more relevant to your entire project. With only verified academic sources included, there’s no need to learn how to expertly word your search terms in order to get trusted results.

Smart Data Search

Flowcite uses a multi-tab process. Just like your browser, easily switch between tasks, documents, and word editing to keep working at your own pace. This is extremely useful in the days of working at home when a distraction can break your concentration. Our Dashboard features a Recent Searches tab that helps you jump right back into your research.

Our app provides users with a Personal Library that syncs across their devices. This means you can quickly save any important source material from your web browser or smart search engine at work to reference at home.

Personal Library

Writing Your Outline

While writing an outline, great ideas often get lost in a rigid structure. Using our reference tools it’s much easier to keep your thoughts organized. When finding a relevant source, you can now save it directly to the personal library without getting sidetracked.

Saving References

Additionally, we provide a PDF viewer that allows you to highlight, comment, and share sources for even easier reference. The PDF viewer opens up a world of collaboration by allowing you to work with a team to create a paper, by giving you the ability to share comments, notes, and references with your entire team.


Finishing the First Draft

To help you maximize your focus while you write your first draft, we have a simple LaTeX text editor for you to use. This allows you to focus on your writing rather than worrying about formatting at this step. Our in-app editor is also closely linked with your personal library of resources, making referencing easier than it’s ever been.

LaTeX Editor

For those that prefer to work in Microsoft Word, we also offer a plugin that allows you lightning-fast access to your source library and citation style templates. Additionally, our plugin provides grammar, spelling, and style recommendations as you write.

MS Word Plugin

Outside of the technical aspects of writing your research paper, there’s still plenty to keep track of. On our dashboard, you can see your Activity Statistics, which shows you how much time you’ve spent on each project. This feature is perfect for “gamifying” your work by challenging yourself to beat your time each week, a surefire way to help you maintain motivation as you work through your research paper.

Activity Statistics

Working On Revisions

The revision phase is dreaded by academics and professional writers alike, but it’s the best time to make sure your paper is an ideal reflection of your work. Too often, ideas you thought you made clear while writing the first draft don’t read as clearly as you’d like when you sit down to revise.

Take a breath, step back, and let your mind rest for a few days. You can’t get a fresh perspective on something you never walk away from! When you’re ready to approach your draft with a fresh set of eyes, we have plenty of tools to help you work through these critical edits.

Our advanced style, spellcheck, and grammar program is provided by ProWritingAid. This platform provides high quality AI writing checks with a commitment to keeping your writing private, unlike many others in the industry. In addition, we offer an intuitive plagiarism checker from Unicheck to ensure you only publish a clean and original paper.

For particularly important papers, we have professional proofreaders supporting our effort from the team over at Scribendi.

Pre-Submission Work

Need to find professionals to peer review your work? Looking for the right journal to submit your paper to? Do you need help formatting your work before you send it off to be published? We’ve got you covered no matter how much work your paper needs post-revision before you feel confident sending it out.

Our team at Flowcite has been in your shoes before, wondering just when we’ve finally polished our paper to perfection and can hit the Send button guilt-free. That’s why we’ve partnered with companies from around the world to bring you the pre-submission tools and services to simplify the process all on one platform, such as our offerings provided by Enago. Their pre-manuscript peer review, journal matchmaking services, and grant writing service are all integrated into our platform.

We also offer an extensive printing service from Bachelorprint. Our high-quality printing comes with express worldwide delivery, perfect for teams looking to share their research with peers from across the globe.

You Can Find the Finish Line

Far too often, we let the fear of writing an academic paper with a rigid structure, style, and source requirement stop us from putting out the ideas that we truly believe in. We designed Flowcite to take the technical and boring out of academic writing, hoping to reduce stress and burnout as well as provide a platform to help drive further research.

With the Flowcite platform’s design, the more often you use it for research, the more personalized it becomes. If you frequently write papers in the same area of study, this function can save you hundreds of man-hours you’d otherwise spend hunting down data, research, and studies.

If you’re ready to simplify your writing process, consider switching to Flowcite’s intuitive platform for your next academic paper. We’d love to hear from you and help you along your academic journey – reach out to us on social media to get the latest updates, news, and research from the Flowcite team.

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