Enago Partners Up with Flowcite to Streamline Scientific Editing and Publishing

Enago Partners Up with Flowcite to Streamline Scientific Editing and Publishing

January 13, 2021.
Enago, a global leader in editing and publication support services, announces partnership with Flowcite, an EdTech startup offering a unified solution for collaborative research, writing, editing, and publishing. The partnership aims to provide the researchers with innovative software that simplifies the paper writing process by bringing together the most popular academic writing tools and services.

Flowcite has developed a platform that replaces multiple referencing, writing, and editing apps with one intuitive solution. It combines a knowledge library of almost 25 million sources, a reference manager, collaborative LaTeX and Rich text editors, and a number of add-on features. Integration with Enago allows Flowcite to expand its services and offer academia top-notch editing and publishing tools alongside existing solutions for research and writing.

According to the partnership agreement, the following Enago services will be available within Flowcite:

●      Statistical Analysis Service to turn your research data into clear, easy-to-understand results

●      Graphical Abstract, Poster, and Video Preparation Services to transform your research data into compelling images, posters, or animated videos

●      Proofreading Service to ensure full grammar, spelling, and style consistency

●      Pre-Manuscript Submission and Peer Review Service to verify the soundness of study design, reporting of the method, significance to the field, ethical soundness, & sufficiency of data analysis

●      Journal Selection Service for easier paper submission

●      Revised/Rejected Paper Editing Service to ensure that all comments are addressed in your paper before resubmission

●      Citation Booster & Paper Promotion Service to turn your published research into formats suitable for digital channels, including social media, web portals, and online news platforms

●      Grant Writing Service for creating a persuasive research grant proposal

“Enago is always keen to create relationships with innovative organizations such as Flowcite who are changing the way research is being carried out,” says Reinhard Schuelke, Vice President, Strategic Alliances at Enago.“We are therefore thrilled to collaborate with Flowcite and play an active role in supporting its authors and users by offering a suite of tailored language services and help them achieve their publication goals and establish a successful research career.”

“Partnership with Enago is a huge step forward for Flowcite in providing academia with all the tools needed for handling every aspect of creating a research paper. We are proud to join forces with such a globally acknowledged provider of editing and publishing services and are eager to suggest to our customers the best solutions for paper proofreading and submission,” says Katya Churbanova, Head of Communications at Flowcite, remarking on the partnership.

About Enago (www.enago.com)

Enago is a trusted name in author services for the global research community. Founded in 2005, Enago has worked with over 2,000,000 researchers in more than 125 countries, improving the communication of their research and helping them achieve success in research and research communication. Enago Academy, the education arm of Enago, addresses the needs of early-stage researchers by providing training resources via different digital platforms and onsite workshops. In 2017, Enago launched Enago Learn, an innovative e-learning platform designed to improve knowledge of the scholarly publishing process. In 2019, Enago launched AuthorOne, a groundbreaking suite of AI-based tools to support the entire publishing workflow. Enago operates globally with regional teams supporting researchers and institutions locally. Enago has offices in New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Germany, and the UK.

About Flowcite (www.flowcite.com)

Flowcite is an integrated academic research, writing, editing, and publishing platform that brings together all the information, resources, and technical formatting tools needed to prepare an academic paper. By connecting the most innovative software for collaborative research, writing, and publishing into one intuitive interface, Flowcite offers a new ‘all-in-one’ approach to academic research and writing. Using Flowcite to optimize routine administrative and formatting tasks can save up to 80% of researchers’ time spent on non-writing activities and let them focus more on the actual research. Flowcite starts as a beta and aims to improve its service together with its partners and users. Should you encounter any bugs or lack of functionality, please let us know immediately at support@flowcite.com. Your help in this regard is greatly appreciated!

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