Scribendi’s Expert Editing and Proofreading Services Now Available to Flowcite Users

Flowcite, an all-in-one academic writing platform provider, integrates Scribendi services to make high-quality editing and proofreading a part of their comprehensive paper-writing solution for academics.

Flowcite now offers its users access to the following Scribendi services directly from Flowcite’s “Apps” section:

  •   Academic Editing to remove errors, ensure consistency in formatting and citations, and provide suggestions to improve clarity and organization, thus increasing your chances of getting published in a leading journal
  •   Academic Proofreading to polish your document to perfection, ensuring your work is judged based on its content and not rejected due to embarrassing typos or poor grammar
  •   Essay Editing to provide direct revisions for improving as well as feedback on organization, clarity, tone, word choice, and structure so you can perform at your best and get the grade you deserve
  •   Essay Proofreading to ensure your writing is grammatically perfect and all guidelines have been followed, allowing you to be graded on your ideas and not get marked down for avoidable errors

All Flowcite subscribers have the opportunity to receive a free one-time proofreading sample from Scribendi (up to 1,000 words in length).

Flowcite helps researchers manage every aspect of their paper, including information searching, reference management, collaborative writing, annotating, editing, and publishing, without having to search for a separate app or service for each of these tasks. Designed in a way that helps to arrange thoughts and processes into a seamless workflow, Flowcite allows academics to put all their energy into research instead of wasting it on non-writing activities.

By partnering with Scribendi, we have further enhanced our commitment to provide researchers with an all-in-one academic writing software that takes care of everything. Thanks to this partnership, our customers have hundreds more options to find the right service to quickly edit and proofread their essays, papers, and articles,” said Katya Churbanova, Head of Communications at Flowcite.

We’re excited to be partnering with Flowcite! Thanks to our API, they are able to seamlessly offer our proofreading expertise to their clients, thereby enriching their own product offering. We are confident that Flowcite’s revolutionary platform combined with our writing support will help thousands of academics get published,”  said Enrico Magnani, CEO of Scribendi.

About Flowcite (

Flowcite is an integrated academic research, writing, editing, and publishing platform that brings together all the information, resources, and technical formatting tools needed to prepare an academic paper. By connecting the most innovative software for collaborative research, writing, and publishing into one intuitive interface, Flowcite offers a new “all-in-one” approach to academic research and writing. Using Flowcite to optimize routine administrative and formatting tasks can save up to 80% of researchers’ time spent on non-writing activities and let them focus more on actual research. Flowcite starts as a beta and aims to improve its service together with its partners and users. Should you encounter any bugs or a lack of functionality, please let us know immediately at

About Scribendi (

Scribendi is an ISO 9001:2015-certified online editing and proofreading company dedicated to helping people reach their goals through the written word. With more than 550 editors and 210,000 clients, the company has a global reach. Scribendi’s editors benefit from the company’s devotion to developing new technology that enhances their already formidable editing and proofreading skills by boosting their efficiency and consistency, allowing Scribendi to deliver high-quality services every time.

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