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It’s not a secret that writing a research paper or thesis requires good time-management. Still some researchers underestimate the amount of time needed for non-writing activities when planning their paper. Such things as information search, sources credibility checking, organizing the notes, working on correct citing, etc. seem to have secondary meaning when at the start but they might turn into real time-eaters when it comes to the actual writing.

The academic writing software market offers a wide range of solutions that can optimize this work. However, most of them are focused on a single task, be it referencing, literature management, plagiarism check, or something else. Thus, using the “traditional” academic software, you might face a problem of orchestrating many separate apps instead of having all the services in one place.

At Flowcite we strive to change the concept of academic writing software by providing researchers with an «all-in-one» platform where they can manage every aspect of their paper: from gathering sources, writing, citing, and editing to proofreading, peer-reviewing, and publishing, without having to search for a separate app or service for each of these tasks.

Flowcite is designed in a way that helps to arrange your thoughts and processes into an intuitive workflow. Its smart multi-functional tab structure, that allows to research, read, sort, and work all at the same time.

Flowcite Dashboard

The platform’s functionality consists of core and add-on services. The core features include:

  • Knowledge Library with over 20 million credible academic sources
  • AI-driven Article Summarizer
  • Browser Plugin for web source referencing
  • up to 30 GB Personal Library storage for references and citations
  • In-built LaTeX and CK Rich collaborative text editors
  • Writing extension with over 7,000 citation styles compatible with MS Word, LaTeX or CKEditor documents

Above that, the platform provides its customers with access to most popular on-demand services such as:

  • Professional Similarity Checking, Proofreading and Journal Matchmaking services
  • Peer Review and Manuscript Submission support
  • Printing Service with free worldwide express delivery

Using Flowcite instead dozens of applications and services for information search, note-taking, reference management, collaborative writing, formatting, and publishing can save up to 80% of and researchers’ time spent on non-writing activities and software management. No matter, if you are working on your thesis, or conducting a collaborative project, taking some stressful non-writing issues out of your mind with Flowcite will save energy and let you focus on things that matter most for successful research.

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