A Comprehensive List of Scientific Journals to Get Published in 2022

At the backbone of academia, scientific journals serve as reliable sources of information on the latest developments and innovations in various scientific fields. All over the world, scholars and academics aspire to have their research published in a prestigious scientific journal.

But how to qualify that prestige?

Well, one group has already done the legwork for you. The Web of Science Group by Clarivate came up with the Journal Citation Reports (JCR). The JCR evaluates journals and their influence in their industry, including their JIF orJournal Impact Factor.

The JIF measures the frequency at which an article in a journal has been cited over a particular period. As you can imagine, more citations mean they have more significance and influence on the academic community.

Given this, here is a scientific journals list featuring some of the highest impact factors in 2022.

1. Nature Reviews: Molecular Cell Biology

Impact Factor: 94

A subset of the Nature journal, this source publishes reviews, perspectives, and research highlights relevant to molecular and cell biology. It covers the study of the macromolecules of life (nucleic acids and proteins) leading into cell biology (understanding processes at the cellular level).

Nature Reviews: MCB has a broad scope, covering everything from plant cell biology to stem cell biology. The journal’s main focus is on non-primary articles—ones that do not involve original research findings. Instead, this scientific journal analyses published data and provides commentaries on other research.

2. New England Journal of Medicine

Impact Factor: 91

Widely recognised as the leading medical journal, the New England Journal of Medicine is a highly prestigious publication. It delivers only peer-reviewed research and clinical content of the highest quality. The NEJM upholds rigorous standards for research and information, ensuring it only publishes the best.

NEJM provides health care professionals leading trends and latest news in the field of medicine. This scientific journal also fosters a broader understanding of different subfields and provides an engaging way to learn for non-academic readers, too.

3. Lancet

Impact Factor: 79

The Lancet is a weekly general medical journal first published in 1823. Its goal is to make medical science widely available and understandable, so that medical research can help transform society and be more accessible to all.

The core belief of this scientific journal is that “the best science must lead to better lives.” Medicine should be in service to society, not the other way around. Alongside this, The Lancet wants medicine to impact people’s lives positively.

4. Nature Energy

Impact Factor: 60

Energy is a key issue in modern society and scientists are constantly asking questions about it. Where and how do we source it, and is there enough? Nature Energy has a commitment to discussing these challenges, from energy generation to the impact of new energy technology.

Also a member of the Nature scientific journal database, Nature Energy features topics ranging from types of energy sources to carbon capture. They believe in a fair and rigorous peer review process, with high standards for copy-editing and editorial independence.

5. Reviews of Modern Physics

Impact Factor: 54

Known as the premier physics review journal globally, Reviews of Modern Physics is one of the most highly cited physics publications. It features detailed essays covering a variety of topics, such as atomic physics and astrophysics, giving context to current research trends.

RMP is written by researchers for researchers, prioritising their needs instead of more commercial interests. The core of its mission is a commitment to meeting the needs and expectations of physicists. It also believes in open access with articles published electronically.


Impact Factor: 49

The parent publication of some of the publications listed, Nature is the leading multidisciplinary scientific journal. It’s published weekly and produces premier, peer-reviewed research from several scientific fields.

Nature’s mission is to serve the scientific community through the prompt publication of innovations and discoveries in multiple disciplines. In doing so, they also provide a forum for discussion and debate within the community. The journal also aims to disseminate scientific results to the public, highlighting their impact and significance.

7. World Psychiatry

Impact Factor: 49

World Psychiatry is the official publication of the World Psychiatric Association. It ranks number 1 in the category of psychiatry and the Social Citation Index. Beyond that, this publication is also the most widely-circulated psychiatric journal globally, reaching upwards of 60,000 psychiatrists in their practice.

Through World Psychiatry, the WPA disseminates information regarding the latest developments in psychiatric medicine, including treatments and groundbreaking research. It also promotes collaboration between all areas of psychiatry.


Impact Factor: 47

Since its inception in 1880, Science has been at the heart of scientific discovery and innovation. Publishing some of the best, cutting-edge research across multiple disciplines and fields, it’s well-known through academia. Among its achievements are the first-ever publication of the human genome and never-published images of the surface of Mars.

The Science’s scientific journal database includes several other publications such as Science Robotics and Science Advances. These are published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the largest and oldest general science organisation worldwide.

Scientific Publications and Their Impact

All of these publications give scientists a platform to share their work with others, whether members of their own community or the general public. However, submitting your articles to the top scientific journals is not only stressful but intimidating.

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